OK, I hope you’ve got the point. If you want to install the drivers manually for free you can visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions. Sun Feb 11, 7: But it probably is not that simple Would anyone please check them out? Or even compared to EAX2.

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It’s only nice to keep those docs as a quick reference card of what-particular-hardware-is-capable-of, that’s it.

Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 (AU8830) Driver

All projects are currently on the backburner, but ARE being worked on. THE url you gave doesn’t work anu more: The result is here: So I’ve move the link over to Dropbox instead.

Any defense of Creative that paints them as anything less than the antichrist himself will not be tolerated here! I have tried copying an older version of a3dapi 2. Unfortunately, the way that that Aureal implemented the hardware, the sound card looks like a “multifunction device” instead of a straight-up sound device.

It’s hard to describe, but there was just much more of a range of effects and you could really tell where the sound was coming from.


This work fine with this modified driver. Aureal released some Versions of a beta reference driver for Windows Sat Feb 10, 6: I google for my issue Audio halts after a few minutes of if I use A3Dand I see references to fixes or patches, but each and every link and source is dead. What approach did you use for the KX project?

There must be lots of geometrical and reflectional data als well as PCM data transferred to the soundcard If the alternative drivers don’t work for your MX, and you don’t need A3D v2. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Writing an alternative Win XP/ Win 7 driver for Aureal Vortex 2 /AU8830

For Linux, there is also a driver available which offers basic stereo functionality. A8830 now use an Audigy 2 ZS. A3D was able to calculate the waveforms of sounds according to the reflections of the surfaces they had passed.

OH yeah – where did you find these? It’s likely not nearly as good of an implementation, and many of the EAX games probably aren’t using it, but it’s qu8830. Don’t get me wrong I liked their technology, but business wise they didn’t stand a chance.

Finally I installed the above mentioned drivers 5.

VOGONS • View topic – Installation of a an Aureal Vortex2 card under Win XP

I bought a Fortissimo II instead. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version Fine just be ready engineers like me stop to understand you. You can install the drivers au88330 for FREE.


Darkseid “Let there be Bacon. Which file in that archive needs to be run to install the driver software? Go read the documents your au88330, read what Environmental Reflections does, and compare it to the wave-tracing descriptions done my Aureal, they read fairly similarly. It really hurt my gaming performance, because I couldnt hear as accurate where people were. Do you guys think that the will work in with no issues?

If you aren’t interested in late au88830 gaming, just ditch the Vortex, it’s not worth the hassle. Oct 26, Posts: There must be lots of geometrical Thank you VERY much!